Best Decision

My husband I recently went shopping for the spa in Turlock CA, and I want to say that they truly gave us a purchase experience I won’t soon forget! It’s not that the salesperson was highly unique in their approach that I will remember the experience but more in how they were so gracious and attentive to our needs that sold me.

We had done our research and had a pretty good idea of what we were interested in but we needed to see, feel and touch the tubs to get a better understanding of what we had already read about hot tubs. Also, my husband needed to understand what ground preparation he would need to take care of in advance as well as the ongoing maintenance of hot tubs.

When we first walked into the huge warehouse style store we were a bit overwhelmed but a salesperson approached us and welcomed us right away. She asked us a few questions about what we had in mind and if we had been shopping for hot tubs before. We said we had done our research and would like to look around a bit so she gave us some room to have a look at the styles and models. When we were ready to talk she was right there for us, ready to answer questions and guide us through our purchase decision.

I was so grateful to have someone who was able to discuss hot tubs beyond what a great social experience it would be for us. She also provided us with the health benefits of using hot tubs, like stress reduction, improved circulation, lower blood pressure and treating sore muscles. It was obvious that using a hot tub for better health was her passion. Not only was she enthusiastic about the health benefits, she could see that letting us sit in the tubs we were interested in to get a feel for depth and comfort was going to be important to us. So we climbed in the dry hot tubs and tested them out right there on the floor!

One issue that we needed to deal with was to figure out how we would get this monster into our back yard. We have very little clearance on the sides of our home and since we had measured in advance she called in one of the guys from installation and they went over our specifications to help in our decision process. All of our worries were put to rest and our decision was made.

I’m not sure that we would have bought our hot tub that day if it hadn’t been for our sales person considering our needs so closely and bringing in the experts on installation to ease our minds on how this was going to work for us. She was so knowledgeable about all aspects of the hot tub experience that we had no trouble making our final decision.


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